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For a limited time, Gitane's "City Link" single speed cross/commuter frameset will be available in select stores in the USA! This will be the first time in years any Gitane has been made available to customers in the USA. For only $399, you can own a French Legend!

Contact GitaneUSA for more details. Download the spec sheet here (pdf)



Gitane has produced bicycles specially made for track racing throughout its history. Not much is known about the early cycles, however there are a few examples of Gitanes from the 1960's which can still be found from time to time.

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Circa 1950's Gitane 6-Day racer Circa 1960 Gitane track bike. Note the old logo Old logo track bike. Note the old globe headtube badge 1984 Gitane Kilo track bike. Still in use
Fignon's hour attempt bicycle. It was never used Track frame circa 1965 Gitane Track frame, 1976 The Kilo. Classic Gitane track
Laurent Fignon during the Paris 6 day in November of 1984 1984 Gitane Kilo    

During the 1970's and 1980's, Gitane track bicycles were popular throughout the United States. In the 1970's, Gitane had two popular models: One higher end bicycle with Reynolds 531 tubing, and another “budget” model with steel tubes (bocama?). They were found in various colors, but most examples around today are French racing blue with yellow decals.

Bernard Hinault used to stage exhibitions on the track during his days with Gitane. While other Tour champions would make some money riding post-tour criteriums (which Hinault did as well), he was able to further cash in on his celebrity by filling velodromes and riding on the track, which took far less time and effort, and netted huge gains financially (he would pocket a high percentage of the ticket receipts).

In the 1980's, Gitane’s standard track bike was named the “Kilo.” The bicycle was built with Vitus tubing. Components varied, and little information is known about what came stock on these bicycles.

In the 1990's and even as late as 2004, Gitane produced track bicycles.