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For a limited time, Gitane's "City Link" single speed cross/commuter frameset will be available in select stores in the USA! This will be the first time in years any Gitane has been made available to customers in the USA. For only $399, you can own a French Legend!

Contact GitaneUSA for more details. Download the spec sheet here (pdf)


Super Corsa

Similar in many respects to the “Tour de France”, the “Super Corsa” was Gitane’s top-of-the-line offering from the 1960's through the 1980's.

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1985 Gitane
Super Corsa
- not original

The early 1970's models featured Reynolds 531 tubing throughout, Prugnat lugs and Vagner Fork Crowns, and differed from the TdF in only a few ways: It was outfitted with Campagnolo Nuovo Record components, instead of the French assortment used on the TdF, and used Campagnolo dropouts, as opposed to Simplex. The component packages could vary though, and it was not uncommon to find Stronglight parts on a Super Corsa. Of course, these too were French threaded.

Identifying a SC frame is done by examining the dropouts, which were Campagnolo instead of Simplex, as used on the TdF. Generally, the welds near the dropouts and the finish work was slightly better and “cleaner” on the SC. Another factor in differentiating between the two was the shape of the fork crown, which differed in design. While the TdF used a shorter, more curved Vagner fork crown, the Super Corsa was outfitted with a design which featured a long “spike” down the center. In some models, the “spike” was missing altogether. All fork crowns were chromed, with a bottom third chromed fork and partially chromed chain/seat stays on both the TdF and SC.

Unfortunately, the sticker system used on all Gitanes at the time was also employed on the SC. Even worse, is that some used stickers meant for the TdF frames and thus mislead owners as to the true identity of their framesets. For example, on the right fork blade of the TdF, Gitane applies a yellow and blue sticker in the shape of France, saying “Tour de France” on it. These stickers showed up on both SC and TdF frames, even though catalogs show that the SC should not have displayed that sticker. Also, head tubes, which in catalogs were shown to be completely silver on the SC, often were not (in fact, an example has never been seen), thus further confusing owners years later as to the true identity of their frames.

Gitane used the name “Super Corsa” as their top of the line bicycle through the 1980's, except for a few years where they called their top of the line the “Team Replica.” There may be some confusion as to the Super Corsa and the Team Replica, as it seems that Gitane made different bicycles available than placed in their catalogues (for example, Time Trial bikes were never in their catalogues).