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Old gitane with a smörgåsbord of different components 
PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:13 pm Reply with quote
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Hello Gitane forum

I am a new member here but have been using your threads for a while when searching for information about my earlier rebuild. I find this forum to be a really exquisite source of information and now I couldn't restrain myself from putting in some stuff as well.

My reason for this now is because I 2-3 days ago stumbled upon an old Gitane bike when looking for a new ride while living in The Netherlands for a few months. I spotted it squeezed in behind a sofa and stereoset blasting out Johhny Cash at an outdoor market. Since I bought a Gitane Tdf on my last visit I just felt it was meant to be this time. I paid out a 100 euros (but probably could have haggled better) for this and had to roll it home since the back tire valve was a bit busted or/and had a flat.

Now I have got it home and wanted to share my find with you and get some advice on the tubular or clincher dilemma. Here are the specs:

Model Route de France
Frame size Top tube: 59 cm, seat tube 59 cm, Top tube clearing 83 cm (Stand over height)
Brakes Universal mod.61
Rims Mavic tubulars 700c
Front and rear hub Campagnolo
Headset Cobra patent italy
Weinman levers hoods
Handlebar Cinelli
Steer post Philippe
Gearset Shimano 600
Cranks and chainring Gipiemme sprint
Seat post Sakae/Ringyo Royal
Saddle, can only see made in italy
Pedals Sakae/Ringyo (SR) 100 BL
Toe clips Christophe special

All in all the bike has a nice look to it altough the paint is somewhat faint and miscolored on some place. Dents and scratches frame on some spots. The stickers are there but some in a very scratched condition. I haven't ridden it yet due to the flat or busted valve but just know it will be a sweet ride.

I got some questions about the choice of tires. The exact same thing occured to me with my other Gitane, namely, rusty spokes and old dry tubulars. I decided to buy a new set of spokes and clean up the rims from decades of old glue. But since I live in Icleand and tubular tires are as rare as iguanas I later decided to switch to clinchers also. But I only got one chance to ride it before the winter came so can't really compare the difference yet. Now I just wonder what would be the most economical way to go, since I am a student with little money to spare I need a good solution that would last for a while. New tubulars and spokes or new rims,spokes and tires. The hubs look in good condition so don't want to switch em out either. Perhaps the spokes has more life in them?

I will post some images on my rebuilt Tdf later on also!

Appreciate any help and pointers
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:48 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 09 Mar 2015
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Welcome Gitane Fans! This forum is dedicated to furthering knowledge about the Gitane brand and its racing history. You can post and reply to questions about the bikes.

Now for the Rules:

(1) Advertising your Gitane bicycle and parts for them is permitted, however you must post a price for the item! Any add for another brand of bicycle will be deleted...sorry!

(2) No advertising except as stated in Sec. (1), above.

(3) No lewd posts, including anything derogatory about other members.

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