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For the REAL Gitane Collector... 
PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 5:53 am Reply with quote
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Take a look at this thing. If it were in the USA, it would be mine...for no other reason than it is very unique, and would be funny as heck to ride on.

You can see it (buy it?) on French ebay at:

Stephan Andranian
Costa Mesa, CA
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Secret Gitane Business 
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 1:11 am Reply with quote
Paul Wiseman
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This bike is actually a one off. It was built in late 1983. It was designated the Gitane GS-1, but was affectionately known to the workers in the Gitane factory as the "Moser Killer". The GS-1 utilised the latest French stealth technology, borrowed from their Naval Submarine Division(more specifically the team who made anchors). The black paint work is a giveaway. Among the innovative technologies used in producing this bike, were the 24" wheels to reduce frontal area, oversize frame tubing(not used by other bike manufacturers for many years to come), electronic shifting, hidden in the case under the saddle, and aerodynamic faring around the wheels and drive train. The most radical aspect of this bike however was the position of the rider. Instead of leaning forward with the hands low and outstretched like most 'normal' aerodynamic positions, the rider 'perched' with his chest leaning on his hands and his arms tucked in along his trunk. This position was used many years later by the Scotsman Graeme Obree and called the egg or Obree position. It was also used by one F. Moser in his attempt to reclaim his hour record from Obree in the 1990's. Little did he know of this position's origins.......... The bike was to be used in the GP des Nations, but its pilot had yet to be decided. Unfortunately, the bike was never ridden in the race. Guimard was so pissed with Hinault for leaving Renault, that he forbade him to use it. LeMond claimed he was too tired to ride any more races that year, saying he had to go home and begin preparing for next years Tour(thus beginning a very bad habit that seems to get passed along to other US riders). Fignon refused to ride the bike stating that all this 'aero' stuff was codswallop, and had no place in 'true' bike racing, and Charly Mottet was so amused that he fell over laughing and severely bruising his thigh. And thus ended the birth of the GS-1.

So bidders get ready. A bike with such a tragic history should be worth a princely sum. Say, about 5 or 10 French Francs?

Brisbane, Australia
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